High Tide in Dorchester is a film that encourages discussions and actions concerning sea level rise, erosion and climate change in Dorchester County, MD. The film creates a powerful, intimate story that looks at a worsening global threat through the lens of Chesapeake Bay’s most vulnerable county.

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by Tom Horton

Danny Dawson and Kathy Harvey love low-lying Dorchester county—he for his whole life, much of it as a waterman; she since she first came from the hills of Garrett county and crossed the Choptank River in 1980.

And they have built themselves an eye-catching retirement home here on the long Bishops Head peninsula that dangles marshily between the broad tidal waters of Honga River to the west and Fishing Bay to the east.

But what first catches your eye is not the charming bungalow; rather it is the bathtub appearance of their acre or so of land. Everything is diked in—“bermed” is the term used down here. A three-foot high wall of packed earth encircles everything, extending about a thousand feet.


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Dave Harp, photographer extraordinaire, added cinematography to his repertoire of skills before embarking on Beautiful Swimmers Revisited in 2015. For the new film, High Tide in Dorchester, he’s taking his talents to new heights, literally, as a drone operator.

Dave was certified by the FAA as a remote pilot for small, unmanned aircraft after passing the exam in March. To qualify, Dave survived a nine hour course over three Saturdays taught by Dave Manion of Chesapeake Sport Pilot at the Bay Bridge airport.

With the drone, the team can show the beauty, fragility and devastation of Dorchester County with a bird’s eye view.

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High Tide in Dorchester is made possible by grants and contributions. As of May 1, we had raised $82,000, but far from our $175,000 goal. Every dollar helps defray costs of making a film that captures hearts and minds through its visual beauty, poetic narrative, and invaluable information. Please show your concern for the people, wildlife, and land affected by sea level rise and erosion by supporting this film and a dynamic outreach campaign.

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